Convention Diary Part 4

London Film and Comic Convention 2016

I haven’t had a con experience this positive since my first ever con when I was bright eyed and bushy tailed. I don’t have one negative comment and if you’ve read my previous ‘Convention Diaries’ you might find that hard to believe. Lets start with the venue, The Kensington Olympia. It is a great space and for me coming from Milton Keynes was very accessible by rail. I could get one train straight through without messing about with the underground. So I must sat back and put my music on. The space inside the venue was very well utilized. From what I read on Twitter the space and the layout was deemed better than last year. Last time I went to LFCC was in Earls Court and that was very cramped. There were positive vibes as soon as I got off the train with people milling about all excited for what the day ahead held. There was a guy dressed as Batman and every kid he passed wanted to high five him. Female cosplayers are definitely getting more daring and  I will say no more than that (I’m keeping it positive remember). I had an after 12pm entry ticket which was £16 pound. My first sight on entering the venue was the 89 Batmobile in all its glory. £16 well spent. I think that is what made this con so enjoyable. There was plenty of stuff going on so if you weren’t spending a fortune on merch it was still an experience. Like I said there was the 89 Batmobile, the Dumb and Dumber car, The Delorean. Also on the next level was a big Suicide Squad section with a Squad cardboard cut out you coud pose in front  of. On display were the majority of actual film worn costumes from the movie. The amount of guys taking pics of Harley Quinn’s costume from front and back was off the scale. I suppose its the closets we will ever get to Margot Robbie. Another good photo opportunity was a full sized Star Wars action figure style box. The good thing about this was they were only asking for donations upwards of £3 and all the money was for a good cause. A recent trend I’ve noticed in UK cons is the increasing number of talks and panels just like our American cousins. This is the biggest positive of all, as it will increase the profile of cons in the UK. Therefore increasing star pulling power, increased attendances and all round good fun.

Now onto the merch side of things. Funkos and comic based Legos continue their world take over. I was looking for a Netflix style Daredevil, I would go to one stall and not find it and then you would turn around to walk away and immediately see another pile of pops on another stall. I found one but thought it was a little overpriced. I’ve since seen one on eBay but I kind of enjoy the thrill of hunting one down at cons. Talking of the thrill of the hunt I plugged plenty of holes in my back issue gaps. Recently I started picking up lower number Daredevils. I got a #63 in VG condition for #12. I also got #293 which is an awesome cover of a gun toting DD standing over a slain Punisher. Then I picked up all four parts to the ‘Last Rites’ story arc. All of my Daredevils came from one seller and totalled £30. The guy on the stall also tried to tempt me with a #158 the first Frank Miller on Daredevil. He was asking £100. Fortunately I picked that book up at a con last year for £18! On the topic of expensive key issues The Comic Alchemist ( had a ton of key issues and variant covers. A lot of them were CGC. Out of my price range but an experience to look at. From another seller I scoured the 50pence bins and got some Classic X-Men. Not bagged and board but in relatively good condition. I’m sure I’m not the first genius to come up with this but picking up Classic X-Men is a cheap way of enjoying the Claremont/Byrne run. Now when I completed my Wolverine run a few years back it left a hole in my collecting plans at cons. Recently I done some research and came to the conclusion the Master of Kung Fu would be a fun series to hunt down. This was first con doing so it I wasn’t disappointed. I was able to pick up six issues. Five in the low 50’s and #87 for £19. Not boarded but bagged. Two of the issues were marked as NM and I haven’t read them yet but I would say the others could be between F and VG. Steven Englehart was a guest in the comic zone and had I been collecting Shang-Chi a little longer I would have been tempted to get an autograph. My last purchase was a nice little novelty item and if you are a fan of old Kenner and Hasbro toys I suggest going to for a look. All my purchases are on my Instagram (ianwells87). All in all it was a very good day. I a, now considering rearranging my con schedule for next year to accommodate it. Congratulations to all associated with Showmasters for putting on an outstanding convention.

Convention Diary Part 4

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