It’s been nearly a week since this horrible situation and its consequences occurred. Did it really need my ass hole with a blog opinion? But that’s how the whole thing started, ass holes with an opinions! They were abusive, sexist, derogatory and uneducated opinions. Its rather sad to think that comics and entertainment as a whole can create this much hate and abuse in people. It is absolutely senseless to go after a creators gender because you don’t agree with their message or even worse just because you don’t rate their work! This incident has just highlighted the dark side of social media even more. Twitter and Facebook can be great tools for creators especially those in the shelf publishing areas. It can be very useful those creators in feeling the vibes of fandom. But when you get situations like last week it throws it all in to question. The creators know their fan base they don’t need all this extra shit on top of meeting deadlines and tackling writers block. Yes it takes away that level of contact with fans but they have to do what is best for them. The Mockingbird TPB made it to Amazons number 1 top seller this week so it shows educated people win out in the end. It’s easy to say Chelsea Cain should have remained on Twitter and rise above it, but like I said why bother? She knows Mockingbird was largely well received fuck what the sexist trolls think! I would be more than happy if Chelsea so wishes for me to go after the individuals in question via this blog. I don’t have any deadlines to worry about and at times in the past I have spent weeks arguing about sport online so I’m well trained! There has been a positive to come from this though. The way fans and fellow creators have come out in support gives a sense of pride to educated comic fans. This show of support was us saying “These idiots do not represent us!” I agree there are times when comics and other forms of entertainment can be over used to push a message. It can be frustrating if you are just there for entertainment and don’t want an agender forced on you. But you know what to do? Stop reading or watching! Try something different, broaden you horizons! Don’t sink to caveman levels of uneducated bullying. Its not clever! It’s disgusting to talk to people in the way Chelsea Cain has been addressed just for putting out a form of entertainment! Female creators and lead characters seem to be in the spotlight more than ever in recent years. This incident started negatively but when we all stand with Chelsea Cain it has become a positive. I was going to say a female presence in comics needs to be increased, then I looked through my back issues. Marvel has strong representation despite a call for more. Ann Nocenti, Jo Duffy, Marie Severin, Glynis Wein, Louise Simonson, Gail Simone, Marjorie Liu, Kelly Sue Deconnick and all the others Stand with Chelsea Cain!


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